Riverside Acres Park

Lockhart, fl

Riverside Acres Park

The Best Memories are Made from Simple Things at Riverside Acres Park in Lockhart FL

Enjoying a sunny summer day in Lockhart Fl is easy when you seek out natural green spaces to spread out and have a good time. Kids of all ages are naturally drawn to places like Riverside Acres Park to enjoy over eight acres of green space and to have fun at modern, well-crafted and nicely planned playgrounds that are perfect for exploring. Thoughtfully paved walking paths also help to create the most fun-filled days.

Summertime Enjoyment in Rustic Inspired Green Spaces

Folks in Orange County feel fortunate to have beautiful parks like Riverside Acres Park in Lockhart FL to enjoy. The park is found at 3009-3099 Drake Drive in Lockhart and visitors can get more helpful information from the Orange County Parks and Recreation Department at 407-836-6200. You can also get information from the website at Riverside Acres Park.
The best childhood memories often come from the simplest things like a day enjoyed in the park, playing on modern and clean equipment, and the memories and enjoyment that come from making new friends. Riverside Acres Park is open seven days a week for convenience.

A Trail and a Cool Babbling Stream

This fun playground is located next to a babbling stream and near walking paths for even more nature inspired enjoyment. Kids love exploring near the stream and all ages love going for walks while enjoying the views. The latest and most modern play equipment is enhanced with wood chips in a safe play area to provide a soft landing for kids.
Equipment is exciting to climb on, with fun slides for sliding down underneath an umbrella shaded play area. Trees are well-spaced to provide cooling shade on hot days. This five-star rated park brings the enjoyment of nature and appreciation for the outdoors to all ages.
Holocaust Memorial Resource Center
3009-3099 Drake Dr,
Lockhart, FL 32810
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