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Paddleboard Orlando

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Through Paddleboard Orlando Provides Lifetime Memories

Stand up paddle boarding with first-rate equipment provided by Paddleboard Orlando provides entertaining fun for experienced paddle boarders or for those who are just starting to get their feet wet. An exciting and fun paddle board adventure in Wekiwa Springs FL lets you have water fun in the ideal conditions to thoroughly enjoy any Seminole County Florida sunshine filled day. Guided tours make the day even more fun as you enjoy hearing stories from personable and enthusiastic guides.

A Day to Remember on the Water

Paddle board on the glistening waist deep spring water in all the best shady and wind-protected areas. Guides lead you expertly to the best locales for maximum enjoyment. Paddleboard Orlando is found at 1014 Miami Springs Drive in Longwood and can be reached at 407-960-7815. More beneficial information on destinations like Wekiwa Springs FL for paddle boarding adventures and helpful tips and tricks can be found on the Paddleboard Orlando website.
Paddle easily upstream to Wekiva Spring head and then glide along on swaying currents all the way back to Wekiva Island. Before you know it, you’ll be handling a paddle board like the pros do. Everyone in your group will find themselves enjoying the delightful combination of sunshine, cool water and soft breezes.

Helpful Lessons and Tours

It’s advantageous to take lessons and to participate in organized paddle board tours to get the most comprehensive experience and to learn the latest tricks for success and a great adventure. This is one of the most unique water centered experiences you can have in Seminole County, and is available from Paddleboard Orlando with a phone call or a few clicks on the website. Making exceptional lifelong memories in Central Florida has never been easier or more fun. Whether you choose to take part in individual paddle boarding or group adventures, you’ll look back on paddle boarding as one of the true highlights of your Florida summer.

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