Goldenrod Historical Society and Museum


Goldenrod Historical Society and Museum

Getting to Know History at the Goldenrod Historical Society and Museum

In an area once so desolate that only cattle and wildlife survived, the small unincorporated community of Goldenrod FL sprung up and today stands as a tribute to the tenacity and persistence of its earliest residents. Today, visitors enjoy time spent at the Goldenrod Historical Society and Museum Inc. to learn about the earliest development of the area and the struggles people went through to make this beautiful little town into a true community. It stands as a tribute to its pioneering spirit.

A Renovated Fire Station at the Center

Today, a renovated fire station is at the heart of Goldenrod FL and is available for residents to rent or to use for meetings and social events. The Goldenrod Historical Society and Museum Inc. is located at 4755 North Palmetto Avenue and can be reached at 407-677-5980. Fascinating facts and historical information are also found on the website for The Goldenrod Historical Society and Museum.
This charming little historical gem of Seminole County began as a tiny town in the 1920s. Eventually it had two small General Stores in the 1930s, the McMannis Store and Eldridge’s Store. Homes in Goldenrod were built in the early 1920s by a group of settlers from Buffalo, New York who enjoyed spending winters in this part of Florida. The first Post Office began here in a corner of a grocery store. In the late 1950s, the Volunteer Fire Department was established with only a second-hand truck and an old donated water truck.

Establishment of the Museum

The Goldenrod Historical Society came into being in 1984. It was founded to display memorabilia from the earliest establishment of the town and to keep the history and memories alive for all to see. This historic place in Seminole County is today a community center and a critical meeting place for residents. A visit takes people back to the earliest days of this quaint central Florida community.

Goldenrod Historical Society and Museum
4755 N Palmetto Ave,
Winter Park, FL 32792
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